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Uro-surgery : is the integration of surgical activities for the pelvis—the colon, urogenital, and gynecological organs—primarily for the treatment of obstructions, dysfunction, malignancies, and inflammatory diseases. Common urologic operations include: renal (kidney) surgery, kidney removal (nephrectomy), surgery of the ureters, including ureterolithotomy or removal of calculus (stones) in the ureters, bladder surgery, pelvic lymph node dissection, prostatic surgery, removal of the prostate, testicular (scrotal) surgery, urethra surgery, surgery to the penis. Conditions that commonly dictate a need for urologic surgery include neurogenic sources like spinal cord injury; injuries to the pelvic organs; chronic digestive and urinary diseases; as well as prostate infections and inflammations. These conditions impact the digestive, renal, and reproductive systems. Most organs are susceptible to cancer in the form of tumors and invasion of the surrounding tissue, one of them is Urologic malignancy. Other conditions that are seen more frequently include kidney stones, diseases and infections; pancreatic diseases; ulcerative colitis; penile dysfunction; and infections of the genitourinary tract.

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