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Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer


Easy Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Easy Ways and Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. In fact, the leading disease cause of death of women. But do not worry too much, there are many ways to prevent breast cancer.

Healthy living habits such as eating more fruits, avoid alcoholic beverages and actively exercise can help prevent breast cancer.


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#1. As a beginning step, Recognize Breast Cancer Risk
Keep in mind that there are associated risks of breast cancer that can not be avoided, such as genetic factors, being born as a woman, and had a certain age. Even so, there are other risks that can be learned. Let’s discuss them one by one.

#2. Genetic factors
Can not be denied, genetic factors greatly affect the likelihood of breast cancer. The factors contributing to the disease as much as 5-10 percent. However, most cases of women affected by breast cancer did not have a family history of similar disease. Means that there are high expectations for successful ways to prevent breast cancer through a healthy lifestyle.

#3. Age factor
In the case of breast cancer, the older a woman is considered more at risk of developing this disease. Women who menstruate first time at the age under 12 years and women who went through menopause after age 51 are also at risk of developing breast cancer.

#4. Pregnancy factor
Women and affairs of pregnancy there was a connection with breast cancer. Those who risk increases the possibility of getting breast cancer is an adult woman who has never been pregnant, pregnant for the first time at the age of 30 years and gave birth to the age of 35 years.

#5. Another factor
In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are other factors that make the risk of breast cancer increases. These factors we’ve got breast cancer before, never had ovarian cancer, have dense breast tissue, and never affected by exposure to radiation in the chest area in childhood and adolescence.


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Already Know Their Risks, now Focus on Prevention

After acknowledging the risk, how to prevent breast cancer can be done by reducing these risks with these things.

#1. Maintain ideal weight remains
Weight loss is closely related to breast cancer risk. Women who experience weight gain or obesity after menopause, have an increased risk of breast cancer by 30-60 percent. Meanwhile, women who experience weight gain or obesity before menopause, the risk of cancer payudara20-40 percent higher than those with normal weight. Weight change and time of occurrence of weight gain are presumably related to the state of the hormones in the body. Seeing this risk, maintain a healthy weight ideal is one way to prevent breast cancer that you can do.

#2. Emphasize healthy foods

Although eating fruits and fresh vegetables not provide effective protection against breast cancer, at least it can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Women who have breast cancer, even more, quality of life can be if avoiding fatty foods. Fatty meats, sausages, cream, margarine, butter, and oils are sources of food to be avoided as the recommended prevention efforts.

#3. Take time to exercise
Women who are physically active can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Instead, the risk is higher for women who have for years never physical process again. Standards for moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (such as cycling and brisk walking) is 2 hours 30 minutes per week.

#4. Stop smoking whatever reason

You’ve become smokers still at risk of developing breast cancer by 13 percent higher than those who never smoked at all. Worse conditions you could experience if still active smoking, which is 24 percent higher risk. Women who had smoked from an early age, the risk is even higher, i.e., plus 12 percent. One more, women who smoked before their first pregnancy, the risk would increase by 21 percent. Seeing these risks, quit smoking right now is the most appropriate choice.

#5. Limiting alcohol
Consuming alcoholic drinks one glass per day increases the risk of breast cancer by 10-12 percent compared to someone who does not drink alcohol. The potential of breast cancer is higher if a regular drink more than a glass per day. Can occur because there is a link between levels of alcohol with changes of hormones in the blood. In this case as a way to prevent breast cancer is to reduce the intake of alcohol, even advised to stop altogether.

#6. Feeding the baby regularly
Although the rate of decline in risk is small, breastfeeding can help prevent breast cancer. Every 12 months of breastfeeding, the risk of breast cancer can be reduced by 4.3 percent.

#7. Limiting hormone therapy
Women associated with menopause usually do hormone therapy. Therapy was used the hormones estrogen and progesterone are usually long terms, which is about ten years. Therefore, this therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. However, when the use is stopped, in about five years, these risks can be re-reduced. If you need hormone therapy, consult a physician to reduce the hormone levels.

#8. Avoid exposure to radiation
There are some things that might make you exposed to high levels of radiation, such as the use of medical equipment CT scan, working in treatment using radiation, and exposure to the fumes, and chemicals. Protect yourself from such exposure, and as much as possible avoided.

#9. Recognizing Changes Existing
Awareness to find ways to prevent breast cancer can do themselves to identify if there is a change in yourself. The most common thing to recognize abnormalities in the breast is to perform BSE method, namely by hand. Do not be lazy to do it because it is very important to help maintain the health of breast cancer.


If you’ve done all of the above and still want to get a way to prevent breast cancer, consult with a doctor. Ask your doctor for a mammogram, so you get more accurate information. Another aim is that if there are signs of breast cancer, can be immediately handled. You can Request an Appointment Here at Aakash Hospital for prevention from breast cancer. Share this post with your friends if you liked it. Let them know about How to Prevent Breast Cancer.

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