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Good hospital in Delhi which is providing updated medical treatment with modern medical equipment & technology. Medical and non medical staff, both are very friendly & supporting. We can trust Aakash Hospital, has good team of experienced doctors and nursing staff.

Mahesh Mittal

It was a tough decision for me to choose among numerous hospitals in Delhi. I visited around 5 hospitals to get treated for a health issue which has been diagnosed and treated properly only in Aakash Hospital. The doctors were friendly and gave me full information of my condition and the factors which led to such situation. They clarified all my doubts and explained the treatment and the way it works. They did not prescribe unnecessary tests or medicines. The hospital is very clean and well maintained. It has a lab, diagnostic center and pharmacy.

Vivek Bhardwaj

Aakash Hospital Malviya Nagar is very good and outstanding. 4 months back I took  my daughter for her upper pallet surgery, dental department is better equipped with treating chairs and provision etc, My daughter was operated successful. After our daughter surgery, I recommended our 8 relatives they also got treated and operated in Aakash Hospital.  All hospital staff are good and  helpful my daughter.

Priya Sinha

Hello friends Aakash Hospital has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of Delhi and particularly in South Delhi. A social seed sown more than five decades ago is today city’s best healthcare service provider with a branch of 5 centres providing comprehensive care that is both curative and preventive in nature for a wide variety of patients in New Delhi.

Shivam Ahuja

Aakash Hospital Malviya Nagar provides good health checkup packages . Complete body checkup packages also available. One can also get extra discount by visiting their website, and applying directly from there. They are having separate health checkup packages for all ages, the facilities at the hospital are also good

Anamika Kukreja

“First impression is last  impression” you can trust the Aakash Hospital to close your eyes. In morning, afternoon or midnight Doctors are really there for everyone. Every person not only Doctor, nurse, non medical person also treat so nicely. Inside is very neat and clean. Always  some person are there to help you. There website also very much user friendly. The emergency unit also good. If your near ones is there you can really trust them because your dear one is in safe hand.

Nishant Sharma

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Aakash Hospital, NABH accredited & an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified organization and is one of the very few institutions providing personalized and unbiased health care services to people from all walks of life. Located in the Heart of South Delhi, Aakash is one of the city’s modern and leading hospitals, offering the widest range of medical facilities under one roof.

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