ROOM CHARGES up-to 24 Hrs Economy (AC)
(I) Eco. Four Bedded AC454647481800/-
(ii)Eco. Double Bedded AC41422250/-
(iii)Recovery Room2122233000/-
RMO CHARGES up-to 24 Hrs Economy (AC)
(I) Eco. Four Bedded AC45464748 500/-
(ii)Eco. Double Bedded AC4142500/-
(iii)Recovery Room212223500/-
NURSING CARE up-to 24 Hrs Economy ( AC)
(I) Eco. Four Bedded AC45464748450/-
(ii)Eco. Double Bedded AC4142450/-
(iii)Recovery Room212223500/-
NEW BORN BABY CARE up-to 24 Hrs Economy (AC)
(I) Eco. Four Bedded AC45464748500/-
(ii)Eco. Double Bedded AC4142500/-
(iii)Recovery Room212223500/-
ROOM CHARGES up-to 24 Hrs Economy (AC)
(I) Eco. Four Bedded AC454647481800/-
(ii)Eco. Double Bedded AC41422250/-
(iii)Recovery Room2122233000/-


Room Specialist Super Specialist
(I)Economic Four Bedded (AC)45464748500/-800/-
(ii)Economic Double Beded (AC)4142600/-1000/-
(iii)Double Deluxe(11, 12, 14,15,

26, 27, 31A, 31B,

32A, 32B, 33A,

33B, 34A, 34B)

(iv)Recovery Room2122700/-1000/-
Two visits per day are charged in routine indoor cases.
Deluxe (AC)
(v)Deluxe Double Room (AC)(11, 12, 14, 15,

26, 27, 31A, 31B,

32A, 32B, 33A, 33B,

34A, 34B)

(vi)Emergency /Casualty Room9750/- per hour


Operation Theatre Charges
40% of surgeon fee
Anesthesia Charges33.33% of surgeon fee
Assistant Surgeon Fee33.33% of surgeon fee.
Resuscitation Charges33.33% of surgeon fee

• Ambulance charges Rs.750/-up to 10 K.M and Rs. 12 for each extra K.M. and waiting charges of Rs. 100/- per hour.
• X-Ray & Laboratory charges for night (8 pm to 8 am) & Sunday & national holiday will be 50% extra of the normal rate.
• In case a patient wants Single Deluxe Room, a Deluxe Double Room can be converted and the charges for all the concerned services shall be doubled.
• Room Charges do not include Special Diet for Patients, Milk for attendants; however these can be served at extra charges.
• Drugs, Medical consumable, Lab and special investigations consultant’s charges are not included in the room charges.
• Visiting consultant charges / surgeon fee to be ascertained and with attending doctor at the time of admission.
• Only one attendant peripherally person is allowed with the patient at night.
• Private Nurse is available at extra charges.

Consent: I have read and understood the Rate List and agree to pay all bills in cash/card before leaving the hospital. I also promise to pay the
advance as and when asked for which shall be settled against the final bill.

Name _______________________________

(In case of attendant please specify relationship)
Name _________________________________________

Miscellaneous Charges
(i)Phototherapy Single1500/- Per day
Phototherapy Double2000/- Per day
Phototherapy Biliblanket2500/- Per day
(ii)Cardiac Monitor500/- Per use
(iii)Syringe Infusion Pump500/- Per use
(iv)Volumetric Infusion Pump500/- Per use
(v)Oxygen Therapy200/- Per hour
(vi)Pulse Oxymeter500/- Per day
(vii)Apnoea Monitor300/- Per day
(viii)HDU/ICU* upto 24 Hrs
(I) HDU/ICU (21, 22, 23)6000/-
*To be started after permission by the concerned authority
(ii) BI-PAP / C PAP3000/-
(iii) Ventilator2500/-Per Day
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