Health is a matter of technology, while ‘care’ eludes most. Aakash Hospital, with its hunger to provide this ‘elusive’ care to all those who cross its threshold, made ‘healthcare’ in its entirety, has set a mandate for itself. Aakash Hospital has a vision to change the way healthcare is provided and how it is perceived by patients, by restoring people’s faith in the medical world. It seeks to restore the erstwhile glory associated with those who healed and cured. Its mission: to bring quality healthcare closer to the people, to make it more accessible when needed, through the establishment of a chain of patients friendly ‘neighborhood hospitals’ with large number of beds to accommodate all needs.

Aakash Hospital aims to provide quality healthcare, delivered at affordable prices. No one goes away from Aakash Hospital unattended or unheeded. Be it efforts at reducing the average waiting time of already suffering and anxious patients, or be the over 250 camps organized by the hospital, or the provision of cashless medical treatment, Aakash Hospital has a patient centric approach to healthcare delivery and Aakash Hospital’s over 2500 loyal members are a testimony to the efforts that truly justify Aakash’s motto of providing ‘care with concern’.

Aakash an ISO certified 9001: 2000 is one of the city’s modern hospital offering the widest range of medical facilities under one roof. Aakash was re-launched in May 2004 under the new management of Dr. Gaba & Associates Medicare Pvt. Ltd. and has rapidly become one of the leading referral centers of South Delhi for routine & advanced Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic, Gynecological & other various procedures.

With eyes set on the sky, Aakash as the name suggests, is also firmly grounded in its commitment to consultants and staff, who are the face of Aakash’s aspirations. Respect, facilities, services, due, adequate and timely recognition, and reward for services inculcate a loyalty and attachment that extends to the patients too.

Dr Ajit Gaba,
(Medical Director)

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Dr. Gaba & Associates Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Aakash Hospital, NABH accredited & an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified organization and is one of the very few institutions providing personalized and unbiased health care services to people from all walks of life. Located in the Heart of South Delhi, Aakash is one of the city’s modern and leading hospitals, offering the widest range of medical facilities under one roof.

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