We wish to offer you our services at your doorstep by setting up and managing the Medical Room. Aakash Hospital has been providing tailor made health care solutions to various institutions and corporate bodies for more than two decades. We have the Skills, Expertise, Operational Strength and Medical and Paramedical Manpower to manage and Operate ER and Medical Room facilities as per individual needs of each organization. We have been in this field for more than two decades and enjoy the privilege of being trusted by innumerable institutions and organizations for rendering medical and ER services.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer a comprehensive package including Designing, setting up and managing the ER, Medical room facilities & ambulance at your site, we can provide Doctor, Nurse and paramedical staff for Medical room.

We are summarizing all the facilities in brief as given below:
Set up the Medical emergency room at site: Setting of the ER and Medical facilities would be done in consultation with the leading experts in our group so that optimal utilization of space is done and at the same time functionality of the service is not compromised.

Help you identify and purchase the emergency medical equipment and Supplies: 
Each and every supply will go through a stringent quality control process in order to ensure that what we provide is Quality and nothing short of Quality.

Provide Medical and Para medical staff: Having trained manpower at the site would ensure safety and medical security of all the employees.

Orientation & Guidance to your Staff: Considering the fact that all the staff in your company needs to get oriented to first Aid we would be able to assist you in training the staff and apprise them about the do’s and don’ts in case of emergency. The training and expertise of the staff would be reviewed every 3 months. This would involve significant efforts and energies of the professionals posted at the Medical centre.

Organizing Various Health Awareness Drives /Messages: We would be able to provide consultation and guidance about using the premises to conduct various health promotion drives and events.

We can also provide the Medical Room facilities as given below:
ECG (on Dr’s. Recommendation)24hrs Medical Assistance in-house.
Scheduled Consultants visits.Preventive Health Talks.
Emergency Ambulance facility.Emergency Healthcare delivery through our network hospitals.
In-house First – Aid.Preventive Health check-ups in discounted rates.
Design and equip the Ambulances
Organizing Free Health Check-up Camps.
Issuing of Privilege card to all your staff members.
Providing confidential report to management regarding health status of your employees & students (if required).

Besides we would be providing the overall management supervision of the staff and would ensure their replacements in time. This staff would cater to the OPD needs of your regular employees as well as to any Emergencies/ Trauma or First Aid etc for the visitors.

One Room minimum of 200 sq.ft. & backup of electricity and water.
.The Medical Room services shall cater to OPD/Emergency requirements for students & staff.
.Various furniture, fixtures, equipments, medicines and consumables in the medical room would be provided by your organization however guidance would be provided for equipping the room
We are already managing our medical room at the following locations:
Unitech Amusement Parks, Rohini
International Recreational, Noida.
As soon as a letter of intent / MOU is issued in the name of Aakash Hospital a U/o Dr. Gaba & Associates Medicare Pvt. Ltd. we would start the planning and implementation of the services & operations can be started with in a week time.
You can also email your queries to by submitting the details  below :
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Dr. Gaba & Associates Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Aakash Hospital, NABH accredited & an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified organization and is one of the very few institutions providing personalized and unbiased health care services to people from all walks of life.

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