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Dermatology : deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the skin, hair and nails. The skin is prone to various diseases like acne, skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, warts, etc. Hair related problems like hair loss, dandruff, etc. are common. A dermatologist is a qualified physician who diagnoses and treats these problems. The job responsibilities of a dermatologist include diagnosing and treating disorders related to the skin, hair and nails. For the purpose of diagnosis, he may draw skin, tissue or blood samples and test them. Based on the test results he administers the required treatment in the form of medications, radiotherapy or surgery. In addition to this, he also performs aesthetic procedures for those patients who wish to improve their skin. The various cosmetic procedures that dermatologists perform as treatments include laser therapy, dermabrasion, botox injections or collagen injections, plastic surgery, etc.

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